mc chris – Foreverrr


Hey guys it’s captain Rob back again after a long weekend to talk to you about mc chris’s new album

mc chris is one of the forefathers of what has been come to be known and embraced as nerdcore hip-hop. He has been featured prominently in Cartoon Networks Adult Swim, and has had songs in loads of major motion pictures, commercials, and television shows. His song “Fett’s Vette” from 2001’s album Life’s a Bitch and I’m Her Pimp” blew up and got a lot of main-stream attention.
2008 through 2010 were great years for MC in my opinion with the release of “MC Chris is Dead” and his best album to date “Mc Chris Goes to Hell”.
In 2011 he dropped Race Wars. I listened to it once and it kind of fell to the wayside. I keep meaning to give it another chance, but there is so much stuff out there I just haven’t had the time. After this album I might give it another shot.
This year he released the double album “Foreverrr”. There is almost no information out there for this album, so it’s hard to fact check anything about this or peep out lyrics, so this will be a stripped down review at face value. I’ll start with the best and work my way down.
First off, there is a big ghost vibe through most of the album and there are several songs directly about or from the point of view of characters in the Ghostbusters franchise. These are, in my opinion, the strongest tracks on the whole shebang. Songs like “Smell Something” and “Help Wanted” are especially great. There is also “Discord” which was released digitally a few years ago as of today, April 1st. Discord is a track that feels like an anthem for freedom. I may be looking to deep into this since it’s a song about My Little Pony that was released on April Fools Day, but maybe not. My daughter heard me listening to it and said “That guy says bad words, but he’s not a bad guy. He just wants people to be happy and know about friendship”. Words from a 4 year old sum it up better than I could. The very last song on the second CD is a fun Star Wars song and nothing goes together better than MC Chris and Star Wars. Another stand out track to me is “Potato Party” which feels like a spiritual successor to his song “Emo Party”. The last real stand out track to me is “Tony” a song about Danny and Tony from Stephen King’s The Shining.
There is a song about Clue that takes it’s beat from the Clue Movie’s theme. It’s a little long and contains two samples that feel a little unnecessary and stretch the song out to 6 minutes and 18 seconds, but is otherwise a fun track. Songs like Let Me In, Forever, Fireplace and Pipe, and I’m A Fuckin’ Wizard are decent songs but there is nothing that really pulls them out of the middle of the road filler zone to me. The song about Luigi from Mario Brothers is delivered in a very loose fashion that bugs me more than it probably should. The delivery goes from being stretched a little to feeling rushed on the beat and my OCD coupled with music addiction make this a track I usually skip. Another skipable track is a song about Wednesday from the Adams family. It’s an alright filler song, but the hook just annoys me. The track Number One Fan has a good beat and is well rapped, but is too personal and meta. And I don’t like being told who his true fans are. Especially after the controversy he had in 2012 and the resulting aftermath. So I skip this track too. Lastly we have the skits. They range from tracks you listen to once to follow the ongoing plot to tracks that I wish I could have skipped the first time and saved a few minutes of life. The best skit is the last one, but it’s over 12 minutes long. At least he makes fun of himself on it about how long and terrible the skits are etc.
The album’s Ghostbusters theme is cool, and it’s beats are very 80’s electro poppy which I also dig. This album has several tracks that stand as some of his best, but the 2 disks of mostly filler really hurt the album. It could have been a concise one disk release but so much skipping means I have to give this one a 6.

Let me know what you think about Foreverrr and what I should talk about next right here or on my Facebook:

This has been Captain Rob telling you to respect the vest
And as always: Be safe, and stay nerdy!


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