Iron Savior – Rise of the Hero


Iron Savior is a 4-piece power metal band from Germany who just released their 8th studio album to US audiences the 18th of March. As some of you may know, Power metal may not be my first go-to sub-genre of metal, but it is one that I find myself falling into several times a year. Especially in the spring and summer months when you can’t help but feel upbeat and positive. So as I shake off the cold of another Black Metal Winter, Iron Savior is waiting for me with enough speed riffing, classic solos, catchy choruses, and powerfully uplifting vocals to make my dad throw up the horns and rock, for better or worse.

The album starts with a short intro before kicking into Last Hero: a very solid song that sets the tempo for what’s to come. This is a speedy album, which is great because that’s what I want from a Savior release. The only place this album feels like a miss is on their cover of the song Dance With Somebody which felt a bit misplaced. It felt to cheesy even for a Power Metal band and the chorus was a bit repetitive and grating.
I have to take a moment to talk about just how well this album is produced. This has one of the best polishes to a metal album that you can get without falling into the “overproduced” category. The guitar tone is powerful and souring, allowing the melodies and solos to really shine while keeping the rhythm thundering. The mix is perfect and lets no instrument drown out another.
And I also have to mention that this album doesn’t really make a departure from their previous work, or really even the work of other German power metalers like Blind Guardian or Gamma Ray (who both have new albums coming out soon, by the way). That being said, Iron Savior is very good at staying consistent. They don’t break the mold or redefine the genre, because they don’t need to. This formula works, and for them, it works very, very well. This is power metal done right, So if you like Power Metal I’m pretty sure you have to like this album.

For this latest release I’ve feeling a very, very solid 7. If your not into Power metal, you may not dig it, but for fans of traditional speed or Power metal, it’s a must listen.

Let me know what you think of Rise of the Hero or tell me what I should review next here or on my facebook:

This is Capt. Rob telling you to Respect the Vest!
And until next time: Be safe, and stay nerdy.


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