Warped Tour Gets Nerdy

The Van’s Warped Tour is a yearly music festival that features punk and, more recently, various other genres of rock. As it has gone on we see some years heavy with pop-punk, others with metal-core, or screamo, etc. Whatever is breaking mainstream the tour tries to accommodate the trends. Well add another bullet point to show the 20XX’s are the time of the geeks because Warped Tour is Getting Nerdy.


First of we have I Fight Dragons: A pop rock band from Chicago that incorporates chiptune and Nintendocore in their sound as well as retro 8-bit lyrics and aesthetics permeating every aspect of the band. In the last few years they have had songs featured on Big Brother, WWE, The Hills, and NCIS as well as doing the theme to ABC’s The Goldbergs and now they are back again at the Warped Tour.



Next is The Protomen: A Tennessee rock band best known for composing rock opera concept albums based loosely on the Mega Man video game series (a personal favorite of mine, so cheap points there). They have a major 80′s genre movie vibe enhanced by their inclusion of new wave in their melting pot of musical influences not limited to indie, hard rock, and Nintendocore. The have toured with I Fight Dragons (you remember them, right?) as well as playing several conventions from PAX to the Capcom booth at San Diego Comic Con International and now they will be joining the lineup of nerd bands at Warped Tour 2014.



And Lastly we have MC chris: arguably the most popular nerd musician in all of nerd music. One of the forefathers of what has been come to be known and embraced as Nerdcore Hiphop. He has been featured prominently in Cartoon Networks Adult Swim, and has had songs in loads of major motion pictures, commercials,  and television shows as well as many major tours. His song “Fett’s Vette” blew up and got a lot of main-streamers interested (which funny enough is nowhere near his best song).


So far all of these are definitely going to the tour, but I don’t think we should stop their. Why don’t we get the other Godfather of Nerdcore Hiphop himself, MC Frontalot on this bill? And the younger internet crowd would get pretty hype to Ninja Sex Party and/or Star Bomb. So let’s make this happen, Warped Tour. Add these guys to the roster and bring home the fact that this is the year for nerds AND that glasses and video games T’s are sexier than skinny jeans and guy-liner.





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