Toys For Men!


Sometimes it’s fun to peruse the isles at Target and Walmart and relive the boyhood hunt for bits of plastic shaped like your favorite TV and comic characters. Other times these 7 dollar 3 3/4 inch super-dudes just won’t cut it. That, my friends, is when you need…



What better way to get in the spirit of a fairly fresh new year than with a few intellectual properties that are getting a proverbial face-lift in the coming months? First we have the King of Kaiju himself, Gojira! S.H. MonstarArts Godzilla 2000 (NOT Godzilla 1998, don’t get all worked up) has just showed up in 6.10 inches and over a pound and a half of greatness.

BAN15293 (1)

BAN15293BAN15293 (2)


It comes with a price-tag in the $70-75 dollar range, but you get what you pay for, and the S.H. line is one of the most solid in the figure market today. This newest addition will look quite dashing on the shelf with the rest of the S.H. MonstarArts collection, including: Mogera, Rodan, Destoroyah, Kiryu (aka Mechagozilla 3), Space Godzilla, Lil’ Godzilla, and (my Favorite) Godzilla 1995.

Next up, NECA pays tribute to the 8-bit classic video-game interpretation of everyone’s favorite cyborg police officer. ROBOCOP

NEC12402 (2)NEC12402 (3)


Officer Murphy is here in fully articulated 7-inch glory, complete with a spring loaded holster and his highly advanced 50-round select-fire machine pistol, the Auto-9. His paint job is a violet tinged blue complete with cell-shading that perfectly captures the 1989 video-game’s aesthetic. But it doesn’t stop there! The window box has a flap allowing you to view the figure without opening up the box which also recreates the look and feel of the game’s packaging. Don’t be surprised it I wind up talking about this more in-depth down the road as the reasonable price of $20-25 all but insures that I will be adding this one to my Robo collection.

But we’re not done there, creep! It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to the future of law enforcement. ED-209!



Omni Consumer Products (or NECA…) recently released the Enforcement Droid, Series 209 in 10″. The great thing about ED 209 being 10″? He is in perfect scale with the 7″ Robocops that NECA has put out. I know, right? Kanye levels of genius. He clocks in at 3.36 pounds and his three autocannons, autoshotgun, and rocket launcher are just too cute. He can be yours for one easy payment of $59.99



Next up we have Tommy Oliver’s own Power Rangers Legacy Green Dragonzord!



Bandai brings back great childhood memories as well as sadness. (MOM?!?!? WHERE IS MY OLD DRAGONZORD?!?!?)
This beauty is made partly of die-cast materials and, even cooler, can combine with the Legacy MMPR Megazord to create a series accurate Battle Mode Dragonzord and Mega Dragonzord. I have a soft spot for Mecha, but with an $89.99 price I’ll have to start saving now if I want to be able to tell the wife “I need Dragonzord power, NOW!” when this this guy is released in May. Wand! Make my wallet grow!

Next up is a limited edition Tamashii web exclusive Kamen Rider Gaim: Blood Orange Arms



For the most part, this guy is just a repaint. The cool part about that, however, is that he is flawlessly compatible with all of the previous “Arm Change” line. He feels a bit pricey at $45+, but I’m still riding pretty high on the Gaim wave, so I have a hard time talking bad about it in anyway. Regardless of any pricing factors, it a very neat figure with an immensely cool concept. Another Release for May, but being a limited special edition deal you might want to get a pre-order in ASAP


Now we enter the “only in my dreams” portion of the article. Sentinal brings us the T-Rex Getter 1 Diecast model.

SNT10037SNT10037 (2)SNT10037 (3)


This is the bad-ass of bad-asses. I have the Hero Collection Getter 1 from around 2002 who is the centerpiece of my manga shelf since he and Phoenix Ikki from Saint Seiya were my first “grown-up” toys and thus hold a special place in my heart. Here we have a souped-up Getter with a souped up price tag. We’re looking at anything from $90 to $135. He does have a lot of cool accessories to lesson the blow including:
-Main figure
-Optional Face Piece
-Cloth Cape
-2 Getter Tomahawk
-Tomahawk parts
-2 Getter Machine Gun
-Tomahawk hands
-Machine gun holding hands
-Gripped hands
-Open hands
-Tomahawk holding hands
-Base parts

We will see that one become more than a pre-order come March. Truly awesome. And we couldn’t get much more expensive this week, right? Right?

Lastly, lets look at another Tamashii web exclusive: Makai Kado – Zen & Gai Gold Set



Garo, like seemingly everything that Keita Amemiya touches, has some of the most beautiful suits in all of tokusatsu. So beautiful I had to be dragged away from a booth at Gencon before I pulled out my credit card and dropped a months pay at a booth with several Amemiya Toku figures. My family thanks you, convention friend who shall remain nameless (…bitch). So it should be no surprise I dig these guys in all there golden glory. We get three additional hands and a sword for Zen, while Gai has six additional Hands and his bow. Oh, and a “background sheet set”. Now hold on to your comically over-sized hat, this set comes in at $137-$170.

Zen Is already out in his classic flame color for $84.99,



Gai in his night sky color will be available in March for $73.99,



and the gold set will be released in June, just in time for my birthday! So now come the hard questions:

Do I want the gold set?

Do I want their individual unique colors?

Do I want to pass on these great figures and stay married?

Tune in next time for the exciting conclusion on…




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