Infinity Miniatures


Infinity is a miniature skirmish wargame by Corvus Belli, which happens to incorporate science fiction and manga aesthetics. How could I NOT talk about this?

Infinity was first brought to my attention during Gencon 2013 thanks to their relationship with Battlefoam. I spent quite a chunk of time at the foam area looking at possible carrying options for my Warhammer 40k Tau army and saw that Infinity and Wild West Exodus were sharing space Romeo’s BF guys. I spent so much time talking to the WWX guys and buying one of everything that Infinity unfortunately fell to the side until after Gencon was over. I looked into the background story fluff and found that I really dig the Yu-Jing faction thanks in part to a model for the Aragoto Senkenbutai; an Akira style motor cycle gang mini!

AS mini

In the future the nations are taking to pace. China has taken over most of Asia to create one massive empire. Each faction is split into multiple styled armies, giving each faction even more flavor. The Yu-Jing are comprised primarily of the sinister Imperial Service; The elite military arm of the emperor and his judicial system comprised of the best of the best Chinese Tactical Police agents.


The second is the Japanese Sectorial Army; A highly offensive assault corp comprised of samurai and ninja, fueled by ancient warrior tradition governed by the code of Bushido. The Japanese are treated as second class citizens by the Chinese, though they are (not surprisingly, I’m sure) the army that I was immediately drawn too. Expect to hear a lot more about the Yu-Jing and Infinity in upcoming blogs and podcasts, as I intend to dive deep into this new outlet full of all my favorite things.


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