Shougeki Gouraigan

Shougeki Gouraigan


Shougeki Gouraigan is the newest tokusatsu from Keita Amemiya (creator of Garo and one of the most respected and successful toku directors ever) and Toshiki Inoue (of Chojin Sentai Jetman and Kamen Rider Agito, as well as countless anime and tokusatsu shows, though not regarded as highly in recent times).


The show features Gou, a Hikaribito from a world called Choushinkai. One day, Gou was transporting captured Kageribito (super baddies) on his ship when he fell prey to an attack by the Magi (evil spirit monsters) causing his ship to crash on the Human World. Gou learns that the big baddy has called upon an army of 1,000 men to conquer Earth in 100 days, and decides to gather up the Kageribito who escaped in the crash to recruit them for his Army in preparation for the ultimate battle.


Meanwhile, Hitomi Kai (played by Shinkawa Yua, most notable to Toku fans as “Pink Buster” from episode 41 of Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters) is “the heroine”, an ordinary (boring) high school girl with the ability to see the Magi (who look like nightmarish Muppets).


The show attempts to capitalize on the sizable adult demographic of tokusatsu fans much like it’s spiritual predecessor Garo. Unfortunately this is not the return to form I was hoping for (an adult Super Sentai to Garo‘s adult Kamen Rider to use an an analogous relationship). While it maintains the high production and fantastic suits, the majority of “adult” content is wrapped up in Navi (Gou’s topless fairy sidekick) and her always exposed breasts. The first two episodes are not the refined, mature work of art that I was expecting, but it’s cool design, talented creators (and maybe a little bit of fairy boobs) will ensure that I continue watching.



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