Kamen Rider Gaim!

Tokusatsu Thursday #1: Kamen Rider Gaim!


New information for the 15th Heisei Kamen Rider series, Kamen Rider Gaim has been trickling in for the past week or more, but with the influx of information posted in the official TV-Asahi site from the press conference yesterday we finally have some idea’s of what to expect when the series premieres October 6th. All the information at this point SHOULD be fairly accurate. The series is directed by veteran Heisei Kamen Rider directors Ryuta Tasaki and Takayuki Shibasaki, produced by Motoi Sasaki (TV Asahi) and Naomi Takebe (Toei) with scripts written by Gen Urobuchi (Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Fate/Zero). The Japanese reggae four peice Shounan no Kaze will perform Kamen Rider Gaim’s theme song.

The series takes place in a city under the grip of a corporate giant. Bored kids turn to street dance and summoning small monsters (known as Inbess) from another dimension and hold secret battles. But in using these dimensional holes, the gaps get larger and became a passage for bigger and badder monsters to get into our world. Enter Kamen Rider Gaim and his friends to save the day! Using the Sengoku Driver which cuts the Lock Seed and opens a small hole into another dimension, the user can transform to one of 5 fruit themed Kamen Rider armors.
Kota Kazubara aka Kamen Rider Gaim (played by Gaku Sano) was second in the Team Gaim dance team and left the group to get a real job for his sister’s sake. He’s a sweet, nice guy with a penchant for getting sucked into other people’s problems. He finds the Sengoku Driver by accident. He uses the Orange Lock Seed and Pineapple Lock Seed to gain access to the Orange Arms and Pineapple Arms in battle. His catchphrase is “Passing through the audience, On Stage!”
Kaito Kumonbalon
Kaito Kumon is Kamen Rider Balon (played by Yutaka Kobayashi) the leader of the rivals, Team Balon. He comes from a poor family and believes that “Weak people will be exploited by the weak”, seeing society as a persecutor and thus trains himself to be a stronger leader to face this society. He is a banana themed Rider with a Western style armor.
Mitsuzane Kureshima1374742591219-300x201
Mitsuzane Kuwashima is Kamen Rider Ryugen (played by Mahiro Takasugi) a member of Team Gaim and is like a little brother to Kota. As a member of the Yggdrasil Corporation’s ruling family, he attends a very elite high school, a fact he hides from his friends. He doesn’t wants to follow the established path of his own future and seeks to find a way to live freely. He is a grape themed Rider donning a Chinese style armor.



Takatora Kureshima1374742499440-300x201
Takatora Kuwashima is Kamen Rider Zangetsu (played by Yuki Kubota) Mitsuzane’s older brother and is high up in the ruling Yggdrasil Corporation. He is a ruthless realist who doesn’t choose how to reach his goals, but he loves his family and is lenient on his younger brother. He is a melon themed Rider whose catchphrase is “Authorized by divine providence!”



Yuumi Shida
Mai Takatsukasa (played by Yuumi Shida) Kota’s childhood friend and professional dancer. She’s always competing with Kota and has to “pick up Team Gaim’s slack after”. Despite this, she truly treasures her friends above all.
Though he didn’t appear at the press conference, it is reported that a 5th Rider named Kamen Rider Griton will appeared in the show with a coconut Rider theme.


From left to right: Mai Takatsukasa, Kaito Kumon (Balon), Kota Kazuraba (Gaim), Mitsuzane Kuwashima (Ryugen) and Takatora Kuwashima (Zangetsu)

5 riders
From left to right: Kamen Rider Griton, Ryugen, Gaim, Baron and Zangetsu.

BOTTOM LINE: Yes. Kamen Rider Gaim is based around dance battles, pokemon-like monster duels, and fruit themed Riders. On paper this sounds like one of the most ridiculous show concepts imaginable. So why am I so excited to see this???

Come back next Thursday for more Tokusatsu goodness.

Be safe, and stay nerdy!


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