Wasteland Steamworks #3: Pulp Friction

This project may not be exactly the “Steampunk” niche that usually gets covered here on the Wednesday show, but the SPIRIT of it (no pun intended) is in the exact right place. So put on your favorite The Ink Spots record and take a visit to the Wasteland Steamworks!


IDW and DC have announce the pairing of two of comics’ greatest pulp heroes! Dave Stevens’ Cliff Secord meets up with Will Eisner’s Denny Colt this summer in THE ROCKETEER/THE SPIRIT: PULP FRICTION! This four-issue mini-series will drop this month and is being written by multi-Eisner Award-winning master Mark Waid and will be drawn by drawn by the great Paul Smith!

“Not many writers have been lucky enough to write The Rocketeer or The Spirit,” said Mark Waid, “so I feel like I’ve won the lottery. This is one of the most exciting-and scariest-assignments I’ve ever undertaken. Luckily, I’ve got Paul Smith to make me look good!”

“This is one of those ideas that just makes me smile,” said Scott Dunbier, Editor, ”I’m a long-time fan of both characters and it’s an honor to work on it. And if Mark won the lottery, I hit the Powerball, baby!”

Cliff Secord, the Rocketeer (and his mysterious jet-pack) is one of the best homages to 30s, 40s, and 50s serials, while Will Eisner’s Denny Colt, The Spirit (Detective and masked vigilante) actually debuted in 1940. This is a match made in pulp-nerd heaven and is one I am very much looking forward to. Make sure to check out Mark Waid’s interview below and prepare for updates as I read what will undoubtedly become a modern classic.


Be safe, and stay nerdy,



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