Crack a Pack: Power Rangers pt.1


The first wave of Power Rangers Megaforce Mini Battle Ready Figures have been put on sale at all my local Target locations. These are the same figures that were in the Power Rangers Megaforce Mini Battle Set with some additional figs exclusive to the blind packs.
Each blind pack is originally marked at $3.99 but are on sale for around $2.50-ish and includes the mini figure, card, and a product sheet. The product sheet shows all 12 unique Series 1 mini figures, both Power Rangers Megaforce and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. If you want to save money, you can cheat by looking at the codes on the “blind pack” if you know the code, but for this I ignored the code.

First I got the MMPR Black Ranger! This was my favorite ranger growing up, so I was pretty psyched for this. Apparently he’s one that is slightly harder to find too, so I’m cool with that. The Super deformed art on the cards was one of the major selling points for me, and the Black Ranger’s is pretty cool.


Next I got the translucent Megaforce Red Ranger. I think it’s a pretty neat little guy, but it made my daughter lose her shit. I guess it’s the first translucent fig she’s seen, so she loves it. Success! The art for the translucent fig is very similar to the normal Megaforce Red, but this special guy has flames all around, and fire’s cool.

Next to these guys on the Target rack, and also on sale for super cheap, were series 1-3 of Power Rangers Squinkies. Also known as: another thing for my daughter to flip over. I’m not really sure what to do with them, but their little capsules make them work as marbles, so that’s what we’ve been using them for. There are two poses for the Samurai Rangers as well as plain-clothes rangers and a lot of cool baddies (my personal favorite part).



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