Rob in the TARDIS #3: The Forgotten


“The Forgotten was a Tenth Doctor comic published by IDW from 2008 to 2009. It is notable for its inclusion of many historical Doctor Who elements.”

“The Tenth Doctor discovers a museum dedicated to his lives and has to remember events from his previous incarnations in order to restore his fading memories.”


The Tenth Doctor wakes up with Martha Jones in a museum dedicated to the Doctor, complete with trinkets and weapons from past memories, such as the Seal of Rassilon. The most interesting of the rooms is “Doctor Exhibit” where the Doctor’s clothes from his previous nine incarnations are, along with a defining item used during that incarnation (recorder, Jelly Babies, umbrella, etc.). The Doctor says the fifth incarnation made him the man he is today, and not only that but he would be literally lost without ALL of his previous incarnations.
A mysterious man in a dark room decides to test that theory. The Doctor suddenly falls down, weak and realizing he can’t remember anything from before Christmas Day a couple of years ago.Martha brings him the staff from his first incarnation and he tells her a story of how he saved a pharaoh’s life with Susan, Barbara and Ian using that staff.
The mysterious man talks to himself about how he will force the Doctor to regenerate so he can steal the Doctor’s remaining incarnations. The Doctor tells Martha that one of his hearts has stopped and he falls to the ground unconscious.

Martha performs CPR on The Doctor and he wakes up. They find the recorder he played in his second incarnation and he tells Martha about The Second Doctor, with Jamie and Zoe, using the recorder to put attacking snake-like creatures to sleep.
Back in the museum the mysterious man sends an Auton to kill the Doctor and Martha.Martha gives The Doctor the keys to Bessie and he remembers his third incarnation, with Brigadier and Jo Grant are in the car being chased by giant spider-like robots, with humanoid dogs as drivers.
Back at the Museum the Auton appears and The Doctor throws a can of Nitro 9, killing it. The Doctor checks the TARDIS’ key, but gets no response. He tells Martha that it means the TARDIS has been destroyed.


Martha gives The Doctor a bag of Jelly Babies. This reminds him of when his fourth incarnation took Romana II to Paris the second time, in the year 2000. Romana notices a mime posing as a time hole appears by him. The mime, the Doctor and Romana go through the hole and land in a 17th century sewer. Following the trail, they reach the exit, which is blocked by Taureau the Minotaur in a beret, who agrees to let them pass if they answer his riddle. Romana fails so the Doctor opens a wall, causing an explosion and allowing The Doctor and Romana escape.
Back at the museum, the Doctor finds a cricket ball in his pocket. He thinks about the Fifth Doctor playing cricket near Allen Road with Tegan and Turlough. Suddenly the Judoon show up and reveal they have come to Earth to search for the Eye of Akasha. The Doctor fetches the Eye from the TARDIS before doing a switch with his cricket ball, giving the Judoon the ball instead.
In the museum the Doctor finds Martha holding Ace’s baseball bat as a swarm of giant spiders surround Martha

The Doctor distracts the Metebelis 3 spiders with the crystal from his sonic screwdriver. Martha and the Doctor escape before he collapses and begins to fade again. Martha hands him cat brooch and the Doctor recalls a memory from his sixth life involving the brooch.
Peri Brown was accused of the first-degree murder of Professor Mis’Kin Karac. The Doctor gets permission from Karac’s assistant to check out the lab where they worked on quantum flux technology. The Doctor finds the murder weapon there and gets an idea. In court, the Doctor pulls out the gun and aims at Peri, explaining that it is tagged with a genetic signature that the bullet uses to find its target. The professor’s assistant was behind Peri durring the crime so he could fire through her at the professor and make it look like she had done it. He tells the assistant that if he fires, the bullet will not kill Peri, but the assistant who is currently wearing a cat brooch doused in chronal energy instead. The assistant confesses and is taken away. As Peri and the Doctor leave, the Doctor explains that the gun wouldn’t have worked. He was bluffing, and the assistant fell for.
Back in the museum, the Doctor speaks through a camera to the mysterious man, challenging him with the umbrella and thus remembering his seventh incarnation.
He remembers the time he and Ace where in the war of Angrivan Seven, a non-intervention site. Someone had given the Strykes a virus to use on the Marats and the Doctor had to stop it. The Doctor met with Doctor Treykan and gave her the antidote to the plague, hidden in his umbrella.
Back in the museum, the Doctor finds the same restorative inside the umbrella and begins hearing the Cloister Bell. He says it’s imposible, as it can only be heard in the TARDIS, the Time Lord Matrix or on Gallifrey, none of which they are at… or are they? Martha then shows knowledge she shouldn’t yet have and The Doctor wonders again what’s really going on. The mystery onlooker sends out a Clockwork Droid and a Voc Robot.
In the TARDIS with the Cloister Bell tolls, the interior red and a small alien creature attaching itself to the unconscious Doctor…


As the Cloister Bell rings, the Doctor questions who or what Martha really is. They are attacked by the Clockwork Droid and a Voc Robot and escape. Martha hands the Doctor a cravat from his eighth incarnation and the Doctor shares his next memory.
The Doctor and his new cellmate, Chantir, see through the cell window a spaceship land and The Doctor begins his escape. The Doctor slows his heartbeats to almost nothing to trick the guards before The Doctor and Chantir overpower them, steal their laser guns, and open all the cells to allow the prisoners to escape. They travel to the end of the hall, blast open the door, and find the Great Key. The Doctor picks it up and tells Chantir he plans to use it to recreate the De-mat Gun and increase its lethality to remove millions from time and space at once. The Doctor and Chantir escape from the prison by sliding down a cable. Chantir leaves to find his crew mates and the Doctor walks to recover his TARDIS.
Back in the museum Martha gives him the psychic paper and he remembers his Ninth Incarnation.
The Doctor and Rose arrive in a World War I trench on Christmas Day and The Doctor shows the British occupants his psychic paper, telling them he is a Brigadier. A football lands in the trench and the Germans asked the British to hand them back their football. The Doctor challenged the Germans to a football match for the ball. As the British played football with them, the Doctor refereed.
Martha hands the Doctor the chameleon arch and the Doctor regains the last of his memories. That very moment, the Meta-Crisis “human” Tenth Doctor arrives with the Clockwork Droid and the Voc Robot and threatens to steal the Doctor’s regenerations so he can regenerate himself.

Just as the duplicate Doctor finishes his threat, the real Doctor laughs it away, knowing it’s a poor amalgam of the Doctor’s memories. The being then identifies itself as Es’Cartrss of the Tactire, a parasitic race of Cranial Parasites. It tells of how his planet was one of the many the Daleks had stolen to power the Reality Bomb. He infiltrated the Crucible until its destruction, then entered the Doctor’s TARDIS and attached itself to him in the effort that began the story.
The doctor distcovers “Martha” is actually the TARDIS’s concience helping the Doctor. The entire place is actually the TARDIS matrix. The Doctor examines the baseball bat and realizes it is a chameleon circuit covering the Great Key of Rassilon, the final key to the last door of the Matrix that the robots had been desperate to keep them away from. The TARDIS assumes disguises from many past companions to defeat the mechanical guards and enter the last door. The Doctor reminds the Matrix there was only one Time Lord in existence: himself. As he speaks, the power of the items he has gathered summon all ten Doctors against a Tactire. He offers one final chance and Escart’rss rejects. Sighing, the Doctor asks the Matrix to eliminate all non-Time Lords, purging the system of Escartr’ss.
The Doctors converse briefly. Having lost his key, the Doctor wonders how to open the doors, until Martha reminds him River Song already taught him how. Smiling, the Doctor thanks her and snaps his fingers. The doors open and flood the museum with light. Before leaving, he asks the TARDIS to assume a final form and she agrees.
Susan Foreman appears and the doctor begs her forgiveness and asks if she’s had a good life. She hugs him and soothes him, saying she understands and that she always knew he was doing the right thing. The Doctor awakens inside the real TARDIS, and kicks the now-mindless Tactire out of the way. Reflecting how he’s never truly alone with his oldest companion, he thanks her and decides to go on a little adventure… to Barcelona.

BOTTOM LINE: This was one of my favorite Doctor Who comics in recent time. It suffers from a consistency with the art (like ALL doctor who comics) but the main artist is great and should have been used completely through the series’ entirety. This one involves stories from all of the Doctor’s incarnations, a kind of “Ten Doctors” style story almost. One of the best post 2005 comics I’ve read. Great covers, better internal art than most, and a truly interesting story with a bit of a twist I look for. I recommend for any Who-ers out there as I see something for everyone.


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