Rob’s Wasteland Steamworks #2: Steam Powered Giraffe


Attune your ears to the grinding gears! Steam Powered Giraffe is a San Diego group fronted by three neo-Victorian robots; Rabbit, The Spine, and Hatchworth. They are a band that could easily be labeled “steampunk” and set aside, but while they do wave the banner for the steampunk family, they are a whole lot more. All five members are multi-instrumentalists that can sing and harmonize well together, for starters. They have an eclectic genre mix including folk, rock, indy pop and more. Most of their songs are about one of three tropics; Epic heroes (Suspender Man, Captain Albert Alexander), love (Honeybee, Me and My Baby – Saturday Night) or of coarse the steampunk staples (Brass Goggles, Autonomic Electronic Harmonics).

Visually David Michael Bennett (The Spine) and Christopher “Bunny” Bennett (Rabbit) use their mime training with great outfits and makeup to produce a fantastic clockwork vaudeville for the whole family, not just fans of robot cabere. The hiss noises they produce while moving, Rabbit’s regular malfunctioning, and an over all comedic outlook make for a very charming and entertaining theatrical  spectacle. For those that want it there is even a neat little back-story of where and when they are from, who created them, and why they are called Steam Powered Giraffe.
BOTTOM LINE: They are a fun band that are musicaly and visualy entertaining and everyone should give them a try. Listen to a few different songs as they have a lot of different sounds. Once you have, make sure to let me know what you think and if you dig it make sure to go like their facebook page

Be safe and stay nerdy,



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