Rob in the TARDIS #2: Let Zygons be Zygons


As I’m sure a lot of Who-ers know, the Zygons have been rumored as being a part of the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode for some tie now. The picture above shows a Zygon on set, and I’m very happy to see just how faithful they have kept them to the original look. He looks a little less like Jim Carry’s The Grinch and a little more like a pissed off linebacker, but I’m glad they didn’t go for the full face-lift ala The Cybermen (not that I dislike the new Cybermen).

Zygon fig

These shape shifting creatures have spawned several awesome bits of merchandise regardless of there being only one on screen canonical appearance; Tom Baker’s fourth Doctor story Terror of the Zygons in 1975. Most interesting to the nerd in me are the metal miniatures done by Harlequin Miniatures (2x 28mm) and Fine Arts Castings (80mm and 40mm). Somewhat depressingly, I ordered the Zygon 5in figure from the Character Options’ classic Doctor Who first wave back in 2008, but the store never got it in for me. I did get a smiling Tom Baker instead to ease the pain, but I still really want that Zygon…


Their first appearance after the 1975 debut was in the 3rd book of the Eighth Doctor Adventures: Bodysnatchers, where the Doctor is reunited with Professor George Litefoot from The Talons of Weng-Chiang. They hop into print once more in New Series Adventures novel Sting of the Zygons. It’s appropriate that they bump into the ninth Doctor, as David Tennant has stated on the record that the Zygons are his favorite classic Who monster.


Not content with one go at Paul McGann’s Doctor, the Zygons also appear in two separate Eighth Doctor Big Finish Audio adventures; The Zygon Who Fell to Earth (2008) and Death in Blackpool (2009). I’m really big into the Big Finish stuff lately, so expect a future write-up just on these great audio dramas. Surprisingly, these guys have only made one comic story appearance in “Skywatch-7”. Part one was printed in Doctor Who Magazine number 58, and part two in DWM Winter Special. Hopefully with their first on screen appearance coming soon we will get more Zygons in the form of spin-off materials, especially the comics.

BOTTOM LINE: There isn’t a lot to get caught up on, so it’s easy to be up to date on the Zygons for the 50th Anniversary Special. The Terror of the Zygons is a pretty easy story to find, and features the great Sarah Jane Smith and Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart (and the Loch Ness Monster!).

Thanks for joining me for another TARDIS Tuesday at The Nerd Reich. What should I do next week? Another monster overview? Big Finish Audio Dramas? Episode reviews? Let us know in the comments, forum, or face book!

Be safe and stay nerdy,


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