I have been neglecting things here do to a TON of stuff happening with the Nerd Reich Podcast as well as my articles on our official site.

We have SEVEN main episode up on both the site and iTunes, as well as an Xbox One special and a Doctor Who special.

Every Tuesday I have a Doctor Who themed article on my “Rob’s Blogs” section as well as random articles as I feel necessary, so check those out.

Wave one of our shirts are available now (see pic below for design), so make sure to support the cast with an awesome $15 T-shirt!


We have added the powerful Steve B permanently to our roster as well (he’s only missed 2 shows anyway). So we are now four nerds for nerds!

nerd reich

So meet the cast below and check the many links! We are taking over, and we’d like your company (fish and custard will also be accepted)








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