Rob in the TARDIS: A Preface

DW shelf

Hello everyone! I plan on doing some stuff about Doctor Who episodes from all throughout The Doctor’s timeline right here at The Nerd Reich in my blog’s section. This will probably end up being mostly older stuff since A: that’s my background, and B: there’s more of it.

However, before we start talking Doctor Who I want to get real for a moment. I know I’m usually a very random, smart-ass person, but I’m going to peel back the layers for a moment and share with you a very intimate look.

I am a man of hobbies. If I find something I like I obsess over it until it consumes me. I’m this way with several things, but when I talk about my connection to Doctor Who I’m talking about something deeper and more important than even Star Trek or Star Wars. My love of Doctor Who is rivaled by no single other intellectual property.

Doctor who has been a part of my life since the beginning, literally, and in that life there were a few dark times. VERY dark times. Times when I didn’t know if I would continue on or if I even wanted to. Those moments were helped along when I entered the TARDIS (or Bessie as was often the case) and traveled with The Doctor to alien worlds and situations where the darkness couldn’t reach me. The places feel like home, the people feel like family, and the episodes are memories I could not explain to anyone. For a long time I felt like the only person around who had even heard of Doctor Who. Because of this magical isolation, Doctor Who became my special comfort. My childhood teddy-bear or security blanket that I occasionally forget I now share this with the world.

That being said, I love that people can now enjoy this thing that seemingly saved me. I hope that people get even a fraction of the enjoyment, love, and hope that I did. I will do my best to not sound like a nerd elitist, but if/when I do just know that while there is a lot of personal stake in Doctor Who for me, it is mostly due to my wacky personality and should simply be taken as the big joke that I am. I hope to include everyone in this project and will embrace those who found out about the franchise yesterday as much as those who have been there since the beginning. We nerds are an army but more than that we are a family. We stand strong together and non-abashedly proclaim our love for anything and everything that makes us who we are.

So please join me on an adventure through time and space. The Doctor is waiting…


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