Rob’s Wasteland Steamworks #1: Gearworld: The Borderlands


I’ve been a big fan of Steampunk for the last ten or so years, but with it’s dramatic rise in popularity comes so much watered down mainstream trash that the word “Steampunk” almost feels like a dirty word to me. There are still, however, very well done pieces of Victorian greatness that makes me want to don my bowler hat and take a ride in a zeppelin, or maybe compete to gain the favor of the Sky People for my tribe of scavengers, as the case may be.
Enter Gearworld: The Borderlands by Fantasy Flight. If the words “Fantasy Flight” don’t grab your attention, they should. Fantasy Flight has been responsible for most of my favorite games of the last few years. The quality of execution is equaled by the diversity of their projects. Traditional board-games like Arkham Horror and Descent, living card games like Star Wars and Netrunner, miniature games like X-Wing, and the groundbreaking new role-playing game Edge of the Empire are among the noteworthy titles in my opinion.

The guys at fantasy flight have put up the complete rule-book PDF for the game up on their website for all to see and download FREE. I can’t wait to have some time to read the entire thing, but from a quick glance through it looks a bit like it maybe Axis and Allies meets Catan? I’m sure the flavor and game play both will be of a high enough caliber to weren’t a buy from me and any fans of great tabletop board-gaming.

It has a June 10th release date and is for 2 to 4 players, so it feels perfect for a Nerd Reich play-through. Hopefully I can get the guys to willingly join in if I promise not to dress up for the occasion. I look forward to telling everyone our thoughts on it!
Be safe, and stay nerdy!

Examine the inner workings and download the PDF HERE


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