Sparkshooter : Webcomic Greatness


Troy Brownfield: Most of you in the online community will know him as a columnist for the website Newsarama, arguably one of the best comic centered sites on the web. Others may know him for his work with Zenescope Entertainment writing in the Grimm Fairy Tales universe or his one-shots with Dynamite and DC. I know him as one of the coolest cats to bump into at a comic shop. He has every bit of wit and comic knowledge that you would guess from his writing, and I had the pleasure of chatting him up just about every week when I ran the local comic shop.

Something you may not know is that Troy also knows his stuff when it comes to music. When this love and knowledge of comics and music culminates, you get something truly spectacular. Sparkshooter is that culmination. The original Sparkshooter story features art by the fabulous Sarah Vaughn, and the story revolves around… well, I’ll let them tell your in their own words.

“After placing eighth in the annual Indianapolis Battle of the Bands in 2003, quasi-shoegazer outfit and perpetual local underdogs Crazy Yeats lose their temperamental lead singer.
The remaining members (guitarists Sean and Elihu, bassist Lowell, drummer Michael) decide to stick together and redefine their sound, pushing a reluctant Sean back toward the front-man slot he once willingly surrendered. 
However, Sean thinks that the new frontperson should be the mysterious young lady that the boys see singing karaoke. 
As luck would have it, Sondra is a friend of their buddy and former manager Jack, and he in fact arranged for Sondra to show up. Now, the boys prepare to meet Sondra for the first time”

Artist Ben Olsen is on art duties for the current story “Solo Acoustic” set in the Sparkshooter universe. Solo Acoustic continues the tradition of honest storytelling with Marshal stack-loads of humor and likeability. Will Border, the protagonist of Solo Acoustic, is an eerily accurate portrayal of an underground musician in Indianapolis. And my favorite character from Sparkshooter-verse, Jack Spencer, makes several appearances in the new story, tying the two together.


No matter how you have come to be reading this blog, the Venn diagram of people that frequent the Nerd Reich and the people that should enjoy Sparkshooter will be close to a perfect circle. So what are you waiting for? Check out Sparkshooter now and like their facebook page!

Be safe and stay nerdy,

Rob Spencer loves web comics almost as much as he loves vests. And he loves vests in a completely hetero, non-hipster way. We’re pretty sure…


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