Go Big or go home at Gencon 2013


Following in the footsteps of Magic: the Gathering’s Elder Dragon Highlander, oh I’m sorry, I mean Commander format, AEG has announced that Legend of the Five Rings will be supporting the BigDeck format at the best four days in gaming! Now keep in mind that deck construction in L5R is already interesting and unique. A traditional tournament deck employs two decks (Fate deck for your hand and Dynasty deck for the table flips) both containing at least 40 cards with no more than 3 copies of any given card. Now here comes the “Big” in BigDeck. This format calls for two decks of 100 cards each with NO duplicates at all and an almost completely open card pool. Now we can play with the updated versions of our favorite cards since the games inception.

For those already in the L5R scene, DON’T miss out on this interesting new format. And for anyone thinking of picking up a new game, L5R is highly recommended by the AG Zero staff. It’s definitely a thinking man’s card game, but if you like deep cards, Asian flavor, and a completely immersive narrative that gives players influence on the game’s history and story arc outcomes, than do yourself a favor: find out what clan you are and wave that banner high at your friendly local game store. Hope to see you all at Gencon.

Respect the Vest!

AG Zero


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