New tracks by Soilwork, Azure Emote, Disperse, and Supuration


The Swedish lads of Soilwork will be touring the US for 7 weeks straight with Jeff Loomis, Blackguard, and Wretched, at which time they will be showing of some tracks from the new album (Two tracks are available in the links below!)

Soilwork really puts the MELODIC in their brand of Gothenburg melodic death metal, and are now drawing more comparison to metalcore and alternative.
Some may dislike the brutality knobs turned down a little, but the production and technical execution is very pleasing to this metalhead’s ears.

Look for the new DOUBLE album The Living Infinite coming to Asia on Feb 27th, Europe March 1st, UK March 4th, and finally dropping in North America on March 5th on Nuclear Blast Records.

This Momentary Bliss SONG

Spectrum of Eternity SONG

Official Site


AZURE EMOTE follows up their 2007 underground cult favorite debut Chronicles of an Aging Mammal after a long hiatus with the upcoming album The Gravity of Impermanence. Multi-talented artist and vocalist Mike Hrubovcak understandably had his plate full touring extensively with Death Metal bands MONSTROSITY and VILE.

Now, Mike Heller of Fear Factory and Ryan Moll of the dashing thrash outfit RUMPELSTILTSKIN GRINDER join with Hrubovcak to create another avant-garde death metal gem.

The official site states: “The Gravity of Impermanence embodies a whole new polished and evolved sound, with the addition of Violins, Saxophone, varying operatic vocals, harmonica and other surprise elements. Prepare to be bombarded by a whole new Azure Emote that will leave you shocked and begging for more!”

Who can argue with that? Check out the new song Puppet Deities in the link below and look for The Gravity of Impermanence coming at you soon from Selfmadegod Records. With another beautiful album cover like this it should be easy to spot.

Puppet Deities SONG

Official Site



Those of you out their that know me well know I’m a sucker for just about anything progressive. Some call it a weakness, I think of it as an addictive reaction to large doses of Rush at an early age. Polish progressive metal men DispersE have released their new song “Unbroken Shiver” which can be listened to at the link below. This song is from their upcoming album Living Mirrors, a follow-up to their 2010 debut Journey Through The Hidden Gardens. It features a great mix of heavy syncopated sounding rhythms on varying time signatures with the prog standard clean vocals. This is NOT djent… djent doesn’t exist…

Living Mirrors will be dropping February 15th worldwide and February 19th in North America under the amazing Season Of Mist label.

Unbroken Shiver SONG



French death metallers Supuration have, until recently, escaped my notice. Their upcoming release Cube 3 comes out February 25th through Listenable Records. Give their new track “Consummate” a listen and let me know what you think.

Consummate SONG



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