Protest The Hero and Indiegogo


Canadian prog metal maters Protest The Hero have taken a step into what I call “the future of music”, Crowd-funding! Using sites like Kickstarter and Indigogo gives the power to the fans and the artist without that pesky record label middle-man and their horrible record “deal”. Here is the official announcement and an excerpt from the campaign summary.

“Dear friends, listeners, well-wishers, and soothsayers, the first of many announcements is upon us. It’s one small step for band, and one giant leap for band-kind (not really). Today, we nervously begin our campaign to raise money for the production of our new record. We will no longer be accepting monetary advances from labels to fund albums. We now turn to our friends, family, and our fans to help us make this album. Please take a look at our campaign – then decide whether to throw us a couple bucks or a couple of middle fingers!”

“Can you believe that we’ve been a band for 13 years and counting? We’ve finally decided to take matters into our own hands and want to raise money for the album directly from the people who have helped keep this band going all these years. In this time, we’ve release 3 full length albums, a live DVD/CD, as well as an EP and a 7 inch. We’ve toured all over the world (but still wanting to check off more destinations and visit more places) and pretty much lived and breathed this band as long as we’ve been in existence.”

“We are finally free from all obligations and want to be in control of our ‘careers’. In general, the record industry is backwards and we’d be stupid to renegotiate with anyone at this time. Crowdfunding seems to be something that’s working. Whether or not this is the next thing for the music industry, it’s a way that supporters of a band can know exactly where their hard earned dollars are going. No middlemen, no commissions, no bullshit.”

They set the goal for the campaign at $125,000, and after just over a day they have already raised over $166,000! Great to see so much enthusiasm for such a great band. It helps that they offered some pretty amazing perks; Private pizza party at the guitarist’s house, year round post cards from the bassist, Cover song of YOUR choice, and even guest vocals or instrumentation to appear on the record itself to name a few.


I can honestly say I’m very much looking forward to the new album and hope to see a return to the Bottom Lounge in Chicago for another amazing live show.

Respect the Vest!
AG Zero

Indigogo Campaign


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