Gates of Slumber and Red Fang


First off, I want to say that my boys The Gates of Slumber will be dropping a new EP entitled Stormcrow on the 29th. These guys are kind of hometown heroes for me as they are an Indianapolis trio bringing legitimate doom metal to the masses. Fans of Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus, and Pentagram must check these guys out. Massive riffs and great metal for the warriors in us all are still being made, and in my own backyard more or less.

Gates of Slumber on…




Official site

Now lets get to a quick band review so I can go see about getting my hands on a copy of Stormcrow!

Red Fang is an American stoner metal band from Portland, Oregon who have released two pretty thunderous studio albums: a self titled debut and Murder the Mountains. Some people complain to me that the band’s songs sounds very similar, and in fact sounds like a lot of stoner metal out there, but while the albums don’t bring large amounts of originality, they do bring a lot of musicianship and fun. I once heard someone describe them as “Drunk people making music for drunk people”, which is pretty accurate. These guys don’t take themselves seriously, but aren’t a big joke either. This is not parody or a humor band (though the video for Prehistoric Dog is pretty hilarious) they are simply awesome fun. And isn’t that what music is supposed to be about? At least sometimes? If we were all gloomy all the time my ipod would be nothing but doom metal … okay so that’s not a good analogy, but you get my point. Go check out some of their videos on youtube and enjoy.

Prehistoric Dog


Hank is Dead

Come back next weekend for another hard rock and heavy metal installment. Maybe I’ll finally review Pallbearer’s newest album Sorrow And Extinction? Or maybe I’ll do something completely different. You never know.

Respect the vest!
AG Zero: Logging out


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