Cosmic Cafe 1/10/2013

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First off, please allow to adjust my pants, so that I may dance the good time dance. Clutch just released the first single and title track from the new album Earth Rocker (which features pretty awesome album art. See above). Check out the song and interview with guitarist Tim Sult HERE. Earth Rocker is set for release on March 19th, 2013 from the bands own label, Weathermaker Music.

Next up, doom metal pioneers Saint Vitus announced European tour dates including their appearance at Hammerfest in March. The band will be rocking tunes from their last record Lillie: F-65 and will be joined by “Seventies Rock preservationists” Mos Generator. Also worthy of note is that Season Of Mist announced re-releases coming later this year for classic albums C.O.D. and Die Healing with remastered sound and bonus material. C.O.D. (or Children of Doom) gets a bad rap for being the band’s low point, and while it may not be “Born To Late”, it’s still a damn good album, and one that is not readily available to get our dirty little hands on. Great news for us SV fans.

In the hip-hop world, Tech N9ne‘s homie Kutt Calhoun will be releasing his new album Black Gold on the 26th of February. He will also be on the Independent Powerhouse Tour with label mates  Brotha Lynch Hung, Krizz Kaliko, Rittz, Ces Cru, and of course Tech N9ne himself.

And lastly, Lars Ulrich of Metallica says that their next album will be much more along the lines of Death Magnetic since that album fared so much better than other recent offerings. At this point I’m sure we all know just how god awful Lulu was, but hopefully the Lars and the boys’ lust for cash will steer them towards music we fans can enjoy. Fingers crossed for a good album in 2013 after they finish their… 3D movie?

See you guys Friday for the METAL blog


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