Monday Mixtape: Eazy Mac – MftHI


Strap in. Eazy Mac’s new mixtap is about to get the Star Treatment!

1. Music For The Hearing Impaired * * * *
My only complaint about this song is that it is short. It’s one verse and no hook on a relatively simple beat. It works as intro, but it could just as easily be the beginning of the next track. Still a super dope track worthy of 4 stars.

2. Gib6erish * * * * *
This one has a nice beat using something that feels like a reversed synthesizer. It adds a level of strange depth to the music. The thing on this track that shines is his delivery style. Very crisp and clean and easy to understand without sounding silly or over-enunciated. He raps quick but has a habit in the song of loosing his train of thought and slowly starts talking in a confused haze that comes off fun and comedic. I’ll throw 5 stars at it since, for some reason, I can’t stop listening to this.

3. Da Block ft. Sincere, Black Prez, Dan Major, & Bdice * * * *
This brings a chill, laid back beat and enough featured artists to give it a lot of vocal and lyrical diversity. A pretty great track.

4.Shhh * * * *
Finally we have a hook! Coming from a rock background, I’m used to music structures (intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, outro, etc.) so I find comfort in SLIGHT repetition for continuity’s sake.

5.Million Dollar Bitch (remix) ft Mcfee * *
This track has a very “radio” style. I hate that style. Luckily Mac does a decent job on the track, so that can be forgiven to some degree. My least favorite track for it’s poppy beat and uber repetitiveness, but a lot of people are looking for that right now, so give it a shot.

6.Swimming Pools (Dank remix) ft New’L * * * * *
This is what remixes should be like. It’s damn near a parody of Kendrick’s hit, but this dude is perfectly outfitted for this new school style. One of the best tracks on the Mix tape for sure.

7.Make It Right ft Stanton * * *
The song came off as slow and what I call a “track for the honeys” on my first listen through. It seems everyone has to have some soft tracks for diversity’s sake. They say you can’t go hard all the time, but I think most people would fair better with less of the squishy tunes (I’m looking at YOU Machine Gun Kelly). However, after several times of listening through, the song has grown on me. It has a hook for the girls, but the dude can sing. It has slow powerful beats, but the dude really goes in on the track.

8.Kick It On The Weekend ft Stanton * * *
I basically feel the same way on this track as I do on the last. The verses aren’t quite as bad-ass since he seems to be talking about some deep emotion stuff, but the hook is better. Other than that, see track 7.

First 4 tracks are original fire-spitting tracks, followed by 2 remixes, and finishes with 2 tracks for the ladies and people too high and looking for a chill song. Well rounded, pretty powerful, newschool rapping.
For fans of Childish Gambino, Chris Webby, and SwizZz
Verdict: ***¾ stars.

Come back for next week’s “Monday Mixtape” so I can talk about my favorite new MC duos straight out of Brooklyn, Flatbush Zombies and their new Mix Tape “D.R.U.G.S.”

Coming up midweek is “Cosmic Cafe” on Wednesday for any and all musical miscellanea, oddities, and treats.

Then going into the weekend we have the yet unnamed metal blog.

Respect the Vest!
AG Zero


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