Murder By Death’s upcoming album “Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon”

The 5 piece Indiana rock band Murder By Death will be releasing their sixth studio album “Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon” on the 25th of this month. BDBM will be their first release on Bloodshot Records since leaving indie rock giants Vagrant Records.

The album starts with eerie, bare bones strings and hushed vocals for the song “My Hill“. A perfect first song for the album and one that walks the line between relaxing and unsettling. We then transition into “Lost River”, where more instruments begin to build on each other to create possibly my favorite track on the album. The amazing imagery coupled with the dynamic ending’s dual vocals gave me chills. I even said aloud “This is why I love these guys”. Then you have songs like “Straight at the Sun” with it’s driving bass guitar, the bluesy “No Oath, No Spell” with it’s excellent cello parts, and their first single “I Came Around”. There first single is more uplifting and high-energy with it’s quicker tempo and use of accordion, but it’s low strings and Turla’s voice keep that dark feeling you expect from Murder By Death. Songs like “Ramblin’” have rough edge rockabilly swing that make me want to slick back my hair and road-rage in a ‘52 Ford.

The varied instrumentation builds one of the best and most diverse rhythm sections in today’s music. The entire album is chock-full of story songs that blend with dynamic delivery to create what feels like a radio drama of action, suspense, and intrigue in the wild west. A great follow up stylistically to 2010’s “Good Morning Magpie” and a cinematic quality that earns it’s spot in the discography with albums like 2003’s “Who Will Survive, and What Will Be Left of Them?”.

This is a definite buy for me, and I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of folk, alt. country, and indie rock. They will also be touring so check the dates! They play their hometown of Bloomington, IN on the 27th.

Official Site


Bloodshot Records


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