Swedish WITCHCRAFT’s brand new album, LEGEND!


Swedish “Heavy Rock” band Witchcraft’s fourth album, “Legend”, will see release in Europe on September 21 and hits North America on the 25th via the band’s new label, Nuclear Blast Records! (Don’t those guys have everyone yet?)

Witchcraft have been called everything from “Psychedelic Classic Rock icons” to “Doom Metal kings” and “Stoner Metal masters”. One thing is certain: These guys are great! We could argue genre forever and it wouldn’t make a difference. The bottom line is the quality of the music, and these guys deliver. Thus, I will refrain from over analyzing and let the simplicity of great music speak for itself.

I’ve already heard “Ghosts House” and “It’s Not Because Of You” from the new album, as well as “Take Me With You When You Die”, which is the B-side to the “It‘s Not Because of You“ Single. This album proves what was started with 2007’s ALCHEMIST; This band is it’s own machine. Past are the days of the PENTAGRAM tribute band that they started as in 2000.

If I were you, I would click over to the shop and pre-order LEGEND now. And while you wait, call around your local music shops and see if there’s a place you can grab a copy of ALCHEMIST while you wait!

AG Zero: logging out

Witchcraft Ghost House song

Official Website


Nuclear Blast Records USA


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