My Top 10 Blues Men Of All Time


This was done on request by my friend Richard. Please keep in mind this is my personal list and it is in no way the definitive blues top ten. If you asked me for the same list a few months ago (or again in a few months) my list would probably differ slightly. Also keep in mind that I am a guitarist so I’m a bit biased to blues guys who can master the 6 string as well as sing.

Last thing before we get started, I’ve always thought of Jimi Hendrix as a blues guitarist, but since he seems to be disassociated with the musical sorting box marked “blues” (do to his psychedelic/hard rock style) I will refrain from including him in the list proper. I would, however, be remiss to not give him the most honorable of mentions and note how high I would personally include him on the list under other circumstances. I recommend his live performance on The Dick Cavett Show (1969) where he performed Izabella and Machine Gun in what I consider to be nothing but amazing blues magic.

Other Honorable mentions include Mississippi John Hurt, T-Bone Walker, Ray Charles, Buddy Guy, Lead Belly, and countless others. NOW! In almost no particular order…
Lightnin’ Hopkins
– Trained by the father of Texas blues, Blind Lemon Johnson, Hopkins is not only a fantastic guitar player but a natural poet as well. He did old school Texas blues, Electric blues, country blues and finally folk blues revival in his roughly 40 year career and is said to have released more albums than any other blues man.
John Lee Hooker
– His boogie style of the blues is hard to peg as he took an electric delta blues style with folk and country blues elements and played his guitar in a piano blues way. But however you want to categorize it it’s great blues regardless.
Freddie King
– One of the “Three Kings” of Blues. He was a major influence on both Texas and Chicago blues men to come do to his awesome hybrid style. His first album Freddy King Sings features great tracks like Tore Down and Have You Ever Loved A Woman that I recommend highly.
B B King
– “The Ambassador of The Blues”. I’m sure I’d be hanged to not Include this legend. He is arguably the most well known, accomplished, influential, and accessible blues men to the general public. It is because of B B King (and David Gilmour of Pink Floyd) that my personal solo style incorporates quite a bit of bends and vibrato in lieu of speed shredding. There is not much to be said that hasn’t been said innumerable times before by more eloquent writers.
Albert King
– “The Velvet Bulldozer”. His signature guitar is a Gibson Flying V, a somewhat unconventional guitar for the blues made even more unusual by the lefty playing the right handed guitar upside down. A great jumping off for King is the classic Born Under A Bad Sign. He also has collaborated with some great people like The Doors and my man Stevie Ray Vaughan that is a must to check out.
Muddy Waters
– “The Father of Chicago Blues”. He is directly responsible for several Rock n Roll figures, be it through inspiration or direct intervention (which was the case for Chuck Barry). I really like Forty Days and Forty Nights, but it’s Muddy Waters, one of the all time greats, so just punch his name into your search engine and enjoy any music you find.
Howlin’ Wolf
– This guy is almost scary. He has a booming, dominating voice that just has that grit to it. Here we have another master of the Chicago Blues who has won a plethora of awards, and deservedly so. It is somewhat notable that unlike most blues men he didn’t grow up with an impoverished childhood and maintained his money by avoiding gambling, alcohol, and shady women. But it wasn’t all easy as he was illiterate until he returned to school in his 40s. Definitely a unique fellow even among the blues crowd.
Robert Johnson
– “The King of the Mississippi Delta Blues”. His mysterious life and death lead to the legend that Johnson sold his soul to the devil at a crossroads, which has gone on to become a common trope in music. When I think Blues I hear Robert Johnson in my head. I love vocals and his acoustic guitar tone that sounds truly ancient to my my young, modern ears.
Albert Collins
– “The Master of the Telecaster” himself. He has a distinctive take on Texas blues that is infectious and fun. One of my earliest memories of the blues was watching Adventures In Babysitting, where in the cast find themselves accidentally on the stage of a blues bar and Albert Collins won’t let them leave until they play the blues. It’s a good example of the mix of ache and fun that he brings to his music.
Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble
– Another Texas Blues man. SRV is not only my favorite blues guitarist, he is one of my favorite guitarists ever. He can tell a story and convey emotion through his strings that most vocalists would struggle to express through singing OR lyrics. I recommend listening to Texas Flood from beginning to end, then start it over and listen to it again.

I hope this helped those outside of the blues to discover something new or find a better appreciation and here’s to hoping the blues stays strong for generations to come through the legends in your speakers or the stage of modern blues rock musicians of this generation.

Be safe and stay nerdy,
Captain Rob


Crowdfunding projects in April



MERCS: Recon by MERCS Miniatures

“The year is 2184, many decades ago nations merged with corporations to form giant mega-conglomerates called MegaCons. Nations were dissolved and the military folded into the company. These elite military and counter-security units have been given the acronym MERCS. They represent the tip of the spear. They are involved in everything from internal MegaCon security to reconnaissance and clandestine operations.

MERCS: Recon is a fully cooperative, stand-alone game set in the exciting MERCS world. Players infiltrate an opposing MegaCon location, fight through crowded hallways, capture and interrogate employees, find mission objectives, and secure the package.”

The kickstarter page is LOADED with stretch goals, info on in-game factions, and videos on game-play and mechanics.
It’s a local Indianapolis group (bonus points for that) and you seem to get a lot for your money. The board setup and lack of 3D terrain is more simplified when compared to the traditional miniature war-game juggernauts in terms of purchases, setup, etc but has chances for constant change to keep excitement and interest up. Both of these seem perfect for beginners and casuals of the mini’s world as well as the obvious veterans.

It’s blown the goal out of the water and is blasting through stretch goals, but it ends VERY soon, so act now if your interested in the claustrophobic skirmish game.

photo-main (1)

Chibi Gaslight Horror – Cthulhu Mythos & Sci-Fi Miniatures by Impact! Miniatures

“A line of classic Cthulhu RPG heroes & monsters, classic horror creatures & space-themed, sci-fi miniatures in chibi anime style.”

Another Indianapolis kickstarter! This is perfect for fans of the cutesy stile miniatures (Soda Pop fans, I’m looking at you). I’m surprised to see these little guys are provided unpainted and in both 30-36mm and 50-60mm sizes, which is a big plus for the hobbyist in me. They feature lovcraftian horrors, dark villains and monsters (some that wouldn’t look out of place in a tokusatsu show), dark ponies, gangsters, explorers, scientists, Judge Dredd style officers, and Zerg/Tyanids looking bugs just to name a few.
There are a lot of little add-ons and lots of ways to purchase the different miniatures listed. There are so many different styles that hobbyists and collectors alike can have fun painting, accumulating and incorporating them into a plethora of game scenarios.


Mecha Front Miniatures by Jon Paulson/Paulson Games

“Mecha Front is a table top war game and miniatures line that I have been developing over the last year. It features large scale robot models called “Mecha” that are able to be used with the rules system I have designed or they can be used alongside other 15mm scale games, such as Gruntz and Tomorrow’s War. The models range between 65mm-110mm in height (2.5-4.25 inches) offering an ideal size for both game play and for painters looking for a high quality display model.”

This is a really cool set in the same visual style as Battletech and Hawken. Paulson has been operating underground in the war gaming and miniature community through forums and social media, but this is what will catapult him to a new level of gaming awareness. I really hope all this work heading his way will encourage more and more products and not overwhelm this basically one-man operation. Lots of stretch goals getting reached and even more add-ons available for any pledge level. I can’t wait to see what all comes of this.


Darklands: First Edition II by Mierce Miniatures

So. Much. Information. Seriously. That kickstarter page has everything you could possibly want. Pictures of who knows how many miniatures, breakdowns of all of the lands, rules on play, countless methods and combinations of purchases, etc. It truly is an in-depth look at anything you could possibly want. So scroll for days and drool. Oh, and sit down and watch the 20 minute video with one of the driving forces behind the project.



Heavy Steam by Jeff Gracia: Greenbrier Games

“Set in a steampunk universe, Heavy Steam is a game about piloting a giant mechanical humanoid war machine of doom. As a pilot you use the steam titan’s resources to strategically complete scenario objectives. More often than not it’s to defeat your opponent, but you’ve never shied away from a fight, have you?”

This game features a lot of customization to both your physical miniature and your cars and template. Their in-depth take on customization and resource management are big selling points for me, and really let this game shine beyond it’s cool but cliched steampunk setting. There are a lot of cool miniatures and cards to look at as well as a decent overview available on the kickstarter page. I really hope to see this one completed, and seeing that they already have at least 3 projects that exceeded their goal quit substantially, I hope I can rest easy. Now I just need to convince someone in my gaming inner-circle to buy it so I can play the hell out of it.


Nemisphere by Red Knight Entertainment

“Nemisphere is a 32mm science fiction miniature line. It features human forces collectively known as Forcecon against the robotic artificial intelligent forces of the Decrypte. If you had to quantify the range you could say at its core it is HALO VS Terminator. Different sci-fi troops versus a number of diverse robots.”

This line features some highly detailed minis that beg for a nice paint job and wash. I could see some cool customization jobs for these as well as use in sc-fi role playing games. If it succeeds it sounds like there are plans for lots more in the line and even fluff or a game system. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it will be successfully funded. I don’t know if it is due to failure in publicity, the admittedly lackluster names, or that the cooler miniatures are unavailable before stretch goals, but this is not looking good for Red Knight Entertainment. I really would like to see this go through since I enjoy the miniatures and love the trend in 3D printing armies. Hopefully he can gather his ideas and come at this with a new and more successful approach or maybe this weekend will see a massive boost in backers. I hate to say it would take a miracle.

Tech n9ne  – STRANGEulation song by song breakdown


1. “Strangeulation I” 1:50
Starts off with just tech doing his thing getting us ready. For some reason I was worried to listen to this album because of how much I’ve liked his Colabos and discography in general, but this song set me at ease and that feeling continued into the second track.

2. “Hard (A Monster Made It)” (feat. Murs) 3:57
There is no false advertising with this song. It is super hard and Tech really is monster on this. He keeps up the versatility and gives us a taste of his speed then introduces the newest artist on the Strange Music label, Murs. And Murs does this right. I’m really happy Murs has found a home with Strange Music, which is the best label in my opinion for Mcs with that Independent flair.

3. “Over It” (feat. Ryan Bradley) 4:28
The hook on this is a little too poppy for me but Techa Nina brings that flow like only he can and those verses keep this song a super solid track.

4. “Make Waves” (featuring Krizz Kaliko, Rittz & Tyler Lyon) 4:55
This joint has a lot of rock elements too it that meshes perfectly with Techs style. He’s a fan of rock music and has a percussive delivery that complements guitar work, so I’m always happy to hear his more rockin songs. And my boy Krizz Kaliko is on it and he of coarse kills it. Big Krizz is one of the most consistent guys I know in the game and it’s a shame that so many people see him as just Tech’s Hype man. Rittz is on this too and he impressed me a lot with his quick flows. He really shines and it makes me excited to hear even more from him. Love this song.

5. “Nobody Cares (Remix)” (Krizz, Stevie Stone, Wrekonize, Bernz, Ces Cru)4:59
Krizz takes those choruses and stretches his RnB muscles and delivers again. Usually when you have this many features you have a few guys that just can’t bring it on the same level as the others, but this is 7 guys in 5 minutes keeping it strong the whole time. People who really dig strange music already know how much talent they have under one roof and this song showcases it for sure.

6. “Great Night” (feat. Ces Cru) 3:32
It’s a good beat, it has the strange version of a party vibe, and quality verses, but the hook is to repetitive. Especially after several listen throughs. I really like Ces Cru, and it’s a pretty good song, but I don’t really feel that chorus.

7. “Red Rags” (feat. Big Scoob, Jay Rock & Kutt Calhoun) 3:56
This is the unashamed color reppin song featuring the Kansas City gangsters of Strange Music. It feels like a beat made for Kutt Calhoun so it had my head nodding the whole time.

8. “Strangeulation II” (feat. Stevie Stone, Murs, Brotha Lynch Hung, Godemis) 3:06
The second part of the Strangeulation cipher. I don’t always feel Stevie Stone but I think he does a good job on here. Murs is still bringing it. It’s nice to here Brotha Lynch on here.

9. “Which One” (feat. Murs & Godemis) 2:56
The is one with fantastic lyricism but nothing really sticks out to talk about beyond some gross-out rhymes.

10. “American Horror Story” (feat. Ces Cru) 4:09
Another well excicuted track with great rhymes. It has a creepy hook that I do without after a couple listens, but the beat is really cool. It’s very dark and has these industrial sounds and these crazy grimy noise bursts.

11. “Fear” (feat. Mackenzie O’Guin) 4:25
Heres a personal track that slows the tempo and gets deep. He talks about family and crisis in faith. It feels like an honest therapeutic release for him thru his art and I can’t help but be a little moved by it.

12. “Strangeulation III” (feat. Bernz, Kutt Calhoun, Ubiquitous & Wrekonize) 3:39
Same as the previous Strangulations, more of the cipher. Everybody keeps proving Strange Music is a quality stable.

13. “Na Na” (feat. Stevie Stone & Rittz) 4:08
The stereotypical sex songs. Cheesy and gratuitous metaphors and descriptions of sex acts. It’s super slow but shallow with another weak repetitive chorus. The only dud on the album. It’s an auto skip since the second listen through of the album didn’t change my opinion.

14. “Stink” (feat. Krizz Kaliko, Stevie Stone & Kendall Morgan) 3:59
Krizz really stands out on this track. After listening to this album and his songs on it I really want to go back and listen to my Kali’s records. It goes without saying that Tech was a beast. It’s cool that they can spit with the quickness on a relatively simple beat that doesn’t feel very fast. It gives it a cool duality.

15. “The Calling” (feat. Tyler Lyon) 4:18
Another slower, deeper, personal cut. It has an acoustic guitar featured prominently and some pianos. Without the constant hard rock feel of songs such as “Love 2 Dislike me” Tyler Lyon’s hook borders on folk or even a little country sounding.

16. The end of the cipher “Strangeulation IV” (feat. Prozak, Big Scoob, Krizz Kaliko & Rittz) 3:14
I could gush some more about Krizz Kaliko, but I’ll let it be for now.

17. “We Are Free” (feat. Bernz & Wrekonize) 4:30

But! There is a bonus version with 3 more tracks

First is Sut Mig which is Danish for Suck me. Like you could probably guess it’s a song for haters where he simply lays out the facts of what he’s done and how people react to them and what not. Killer track

Next is a Scott Stevens REMIX of Straight Out The Gate from the album Something Else. This one features John 5 on guitar. I think this a superior version of the song and a must have in the Tech collection.

Last is Withdrawal. I feel like the album has a lot of slower serious songs by now, but damn. Krizz is phenomenal on this. So soulful, So passionate. After hearing this I don’t know how the album could end any other way.

I’ll give this an 8. What do YOU think of STRANGEulation? What should I talk about next? Let me know right here or on my Facebook:

This has been Captain Rob telling you to respect the vest, and, as always Be Safe, and Stay Nerdy.

mc chris – Foreverrr


Hey guys it’s captain Rob back again after a long weekend to talk to you about mc chris’s new album

mc chris is one of the forefathers of what has been come to be known and embraced as nerdcore hip-hop. He has been featured prominently in Cartoon Networks Adult Swim, and has had songs in loads of major motion pictures, commercials, and television shows. His song “Fett’s Vette” from 2001’s album Life’s a Bitch and I’m Her Pimp” blew up and got a lot of main-stream attention.
2008 through 2010 were great years for MC in my opinion with the release of “MC Chris is Dead” and his best album to date “Mc Chris Goes to Hell”.
In 2011 he dropped Race Wars. I listened to it once and it kind of fell to the wayside. I keep meaning to give it another chance, but there is so much stuff out there I just haven’t had the time. After this album I might give it another shot.
This year he released the double album “Foreverrr”. There is almost no information out there for this album, so it’s hard to fact check anything about this or peep out lyrics, so this will be a stripped down review at face value. I’ll start with the best and work my way down.
First off, there is a big ghost vibe through most of the album and there are several songs directly about or from the point of view of characters in the Ghostbusters franchise. These are, in my opinion, the strongest tracks on the whole shebang. Songs like “Smell Something” and “Help Wanted” are especially great. There is also “Discord” which was released digitally a few years ago as of today, April 1st. Discord is a track that feels like an anthem for freedom. I may be looking to deep into this since it’s a song about My Little Pony that was released on April Fools Day, but maybe not. My daughter heard me listening to it and said “That guy says bad words, but he’s not a bad guy. He just wants people to be happy and know about friendship”. Words from a 4 year old sum it up better than I could. The very last song on the second CD is a fun Star Wars song and nothing goes together better than MC Chris and Star Wars. Another stand out track to me is “Potato Party” which feels like a spiritual successor to his song “Emo Party”. The last real stand out track to me is “Tony” a song about Danny and Tony from Stephen King’s The Shining.
There is a song about Clue that takes it’s beat from the Clue Movie’s theme. It’s a little long and contains two samples that feel a little unnecessary and stretch the song out to 6 minutes and 18 seconds, but is otherwise a fun track. Songs like Let Me In, Forever, Fireplace and Pipe, and I’m A Fuckin’ Wizard are decent songs but there is nothing that really pulls them out of the middle of the road filler zone to me. The song about Luigi from Mario Brothers is delivered in a very loose fashion that bugs me more than it probably should. The delivery goes from being stretched a little to feeling rushed on the beat and my OCD coupled with music addiction make this a track I usually skip. Another skipable track is a song about Wednesday from the Adams family. It’s an alright filler song, but the hook just annoys me. The track Number One Fan has a good beat and is well rapped, but is too personal and meta. And I don’t like being told who his true fans are. Especially after the controversy he had in 2012 and the resulting aftermath. So I skip this track too. Lastly we have the skits. They range from tracks you listen to once to follow the ongoing plot to tracks that I wish I could have skipped the first time and saved a few minutes of life. The best skit is the last one, but it’s over 12 minutes long. At least he makes fun of himself on it about how long and terrible the skits are etc.
The album’s Ghostbusters theme is cool, and it’s beats are very 80’s electro poppy which I also dig. This album has several tracks that stand as some of his best, but the 2 disks of mostly filler really hurt the album. It could have been a concise one disk release but so much skipping means I have to give this one a 6.

Let me know what you think about Foreverrr and what I should talk about next right here or on my Facebook:

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Hark – Crystalline

Hark is a power trio bringing the sludge from Wales to you. My first thought was that they would be a High on Fire clone which really I couldn’t complain about too much because this whole Sludge/stoner revival has been great to me. People talk crap about it, but I’m getting a lot of quality music out of this resurgence.
After a few listens this album really started to shine for me. The musicianship is on par. It can rock a steady infectious groove but it can also show you a glimpse of it’s more progressive elements. And I LIVE for Progressive elements. They even have 6 and 7 minute songs in the middle and close with an epic which clocks in at almost 11 minutes. This band has a lot of potential. A LOT of potential and I can’t wait to hear some more from these guys. This album just came out on the 14th and I’m already looking forward to a new EP or something in the near future. They are on tour with A Storm of Light right now and I really hope that gets both bands some more exposure and helps develop them. I think their next album could blow up to a Baroness level if given the time to grow and cultivate this sound, but I’m also impatient and anxious.
But to bring this back to the present, this album is a nice chunk of sludgy stoner metal that can be enjoyed without the aid of substances that smell like Otto Man’s jacket. Though a few PBRs didn’t hurt my listening experience. The whole record feels so organic. The guitars are thick but the leads remain crisp. A lot of bands sound like they just turned all the knobs on their stomp boxes to 11 and said screw the EQ I want a wall o’ sound”. These guys capture a heaviness that stays tight.
The opener Palandromeda has a really fun main riff and got me excited for the ride I was in for.

The 7 minute long Sins on Sleeves is nestled perfectly between two 4 minute tracks, Hounded By Callous Decree and Black Hole South West, which I feel is the right way to order tracks like that. Breathe And Run and Mythopoeia are right in the middle and are both stellar stand out tracks that get you ready for the second half of the album. Those masterworks are followed by another great track called “Scarlet extremities” that shows a lot of sophisticated artistry you don’t usually get on a debut LP. Jump next to a rocking Groove track “All Wretch No Vomit” before a quick 1 minute intro track titled Xtal 0.6. That interlude sets up that 10 minute plus closing song that is a monster. I love songs like this that close an album like a movie gets closed. Build to a climax and send me home happy. Like “The Last Baron” was the massive 13 minute long cherry on the top of Mastodon’s Crack the Skye album, “Clear Light Of…” is what lets me leave this album happy with my purchase and time invested.

Fans of Clutch or the sludge and stoner metal revival should dig it.

I feel a super thick tight and crunchy 8 out of 10 on this one. So much quality music this year I don’t know how I’ll have anything short of a top 50 come years end.

What do you think about Crystalline? What should I talk about next? Let me know here or on my facebook:

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Animals as Leaders – Joy of Motion


Animals as Leaders is an instrumental Progressive metal band from here in the United States who picked up some major steam with the release of their debut self titled album back in 2009 and caused some major waves in the prog scene and the metal world at large helping to usher in the un-genre that is so called “Djent” metal. My bias against that word aside, they did help push a more approachable variant to the chunky music Mashugga has been making since the early 90’s. This was do in no small part to other, less interesting bands in my opinion, like Periphery.
With the release of their second full length record “Weightless” they continued to produce this amazingly technical and well produced instrumental work. For some reason I feel many view it as a slight misstep or maybe it just didn’t reach as wide an audience or maybe I’m just completely wrong but it felt like some of the heat and momentum for the band died down around this time.
But boy is it back now. I feel like with the release of Joy in Motion even the mainstream music world is recognizing that Tosin Abasi and the gang are some of the most talented men in metal or music at large. All three albums feel distinctly deferent to me while maintaining that obvious feel that it is Animals As Leaders. Misha Mansoor of the aforementioned band Periphery played a major role in production for this album and this is probably my favorite project he has worked on to date. I’m not sure if his involvement helped in the garnering more fans and attention or if music is just tilting in a direction that looks more favorably on the virtuoso composers of more experimental music, but I haven’t been this excited for the music worlds recognition since The Mars Volta got their avant garde flag planted in the ears of casual listeners.
Ka$cade is a great track to open up with. Songs like Physical Education stand out as masterpieces of the Prog world with it‘s slapped low ends and syncopated rhythms coupled with layered electronic textures. I also have to take a second to nerd on the song “Another Year” which blends in this amazing smooth jazz element that really just grabs on my heart and won’t let go. I’m a sucker for jazz fusion and this has an almost Spyro Gyra feel. That song really makes me want to see them play a show with Scale The Summit ASAP.
Fans of progressive, experimental, and avant guard should already have this, and fans of metal should at least stream a few of the songs the band has made easily available to us and see if you like it.
Im feeling a very strong 8 on this and I’m curious to see where this falls in my play list by the end of the year because I could see myself coming back to this album as a whole pretty regularly for the extended future.

What do you think about Joy of Motion? What should I talk about next? Let me know here or on my facebook:

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Iron Savior – Rise of the Hero


Iron Savior is a 4-piece power metal band from Germany who just released their 8th studio album to US audiences the 18th of March. As some of you may know, Power metal may not be my first go-to sub-genre of metal, but it is one that I find myself falling into several times a year. Especially in the spring and summer months when you can’t help but feel upbeat and positive. So as I shake off the cold of another Black Metal Winter, Iron Savior is waiting for me with enough speed riffing, classic solos, catchy choruses, and powerfully uplifting vocals to make my dad throw up the horns and rock, for better or worse.

The album starts with a short intro before kicking into Last Hero: a very solid song that sets the tempo for what’s to come. This is a speedy album, which is great because that’s what I want from a Savior release. The only place this album feels like a miss is on their cover of the song Dance With Somebody which felt a bit misplaced. It felt to cheesy even for a Power Metal band and the chorus was a bit repetitive and grating.
I have to take a moment to talk about just how well this album is produced. This has one of the best polishes to a metal album that you can get without falling into the “overproduced” category. The guitar tone is powerful and souring, allowing the melodies and solos to really shine while keeping the rhythm thundering. The mix is perfect and lets no instrument drown out another.
And I also have to mention that this album doesn’t really make a departure from their previous work, or really even the work of other German power metalers like Blind Guardian or Gamma Ray (who both have new albums coming out soon, by the way). That being said, Iron Savior is very good at staying consistent. They don’t break the mold or redefine the genre, because they don’t need to. This formula works, and for them, it works very, very well. This is power metal done right, So if you like Power Metal I’m pretty sure you have to like this album.

For this latest release I’ve feeling a very, very solid 7. If your not into Power metal, you may not dig it, but for fans of traditional speed or Power metal, it’s a must listen.

Let me know what you think of Rise of the Hero or tell me what I should review next here or on my facebook:

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